The Love Show

Feb. 12 - 28, 2010

hosted by Dana Cain at CORE New Art Space 900 Santa Fe Drive, Denver CO

More than just an art show, The Love Show is a multi-faceted celebration love, in all of its forms - from beautiful to brutal, heartfelt to hilarious - as translated through the Denver Art Community. Running February 12 - 28, it involves an invitational art exhibition, an open juried exhibition, and a series of events including a contest to "Win a Dream Date with Phil Bender," one of Colorado's most notoriously good-humored and best known artists.

The Invitational show, in which several of Colorado's leading art couples share their artwork, their love stories and vintage scrapbook photos with us, will feature:

  • Reed Weimer and Chandler Romeo
  • Sushe and Tracy Felix
  • Wes Hempel and Jack Balas
  • Monica and Tyler Aiello
  • Louis Recchia and Zoa Ace

"Breakwater" a collaboration by Wes Hempel and Jack Balas will be exhibited at The Love Show, courtesy of Robischon Gallery.

Opening Reception for The Love Show, Friday, Feb. 12th, 6 - 10 pm, will feature several "extras" for attendees:

  • The first 100 people through the door will get a valentine card, signed by one of the participating artists.
  • A special PDA Photo Booth will be offered by Anthony Camera for couples to have souvenir photos taken while they hug and kiss in front of The Love Show banner.
  • At 9:00-ish, Phil Bender and his Dream Date will arrive at the Reception in a limo, greeted by a wall of photographers and flashing cameras.
  • Mr. Bender will also be offering signed "Jeff Ball Glamour Shot" photos of himself to a few lucky fans.

Like a relationship, The Love Show will begin with a lot of fun. By the closing weekend, however, we'll be exploring "The Break Up," with an appropriate musical soundtrack and a tear-filled closing reception as the show is dismantled. Kleenex will be provided for the "Break-Up Reception" on Sunday, Feb. 28, 1 - 4 pm.

About the Curator:
The Love Show is hosted by Dana Cain, a new "Curator Member" at CORE New Art Space. Dana has created and hosted over 150 events in the Denver Area, and won five Westword "Best of Denver" awards. With events ranging from the Denver Modernism Show and the Art District Best of 2009 Exhibition and Awards Gala... to the Colorado Chocolate Festival and the Imagine Peace Paint-In, Dana tends to design events based on her own interests in art and culture, and has filled some of Denver's largest event venues. An avid collector of local modern and contemporary art, her goals are to encourage others to collect art, to help support local artists and the art community as a whole, and to promote Denver's art scene. She was recently elected to the Board of Directors for Denver's Art District on Santa Fe Drive and the Golden Triangle Museum District.

The Love Show runs Feb. 12 - 28 at CORE New Art Space, 900 Santa Fe Drive in Denver's Art District on Santa Fe. Admission is free. Gallery Hours are 12 - 6pm Thursday and Saturday; 12 - 9pm Friday and 1 - 4pm Sunday. More information is at or .

"Miss Fortune," a new painting by Zoa Ace

Invited Artists: Love Stories

Chandler Romeo and Reed Weimer
( Jurors for our open show )
Reed Weimer and Chandler Romeo met in the printmaking studio at Colorado State University in 1980.  They both had short haircuts and wore tight black sleeveless t-shirts.  It was a match made in heaven.  Reed impressed Chandler by being a member of a new co-op gallery in Denver called “Pirate: a Contemporary Art Oasis.”
Their courtship revolved around an exhibit entitled “The Ashtray Show,” which was a reaction to renowned CSU ceramic professor Richard DeVore’s statement to students, “Make art, not ashtrays.”  They made ashtrays as art – spray-paint and velvet paintings, ceramics, bronze, prints, and more.  Compatriots were Bill Amundson, Richard Eversley, Frank Sampson and Ed Kutz.  Reed and Chandler graduated in 1981 and '82 respectively.  Reed moved to New York City, then back to Denver presumably for art and love.
They were married in a big ‘ole church wedding in 1983.  Two kids and 26 ½ years of marriage later, they still live in North Denver and share a studio, as well as just about everything else.  Ain’t love grand?
Chandler Romeo is represented by Sandra Phillips Gallery. Reed Weimer shows at Zip 37 gallery, which Chandler and he founded.

 Wes Hempel and Jack Balas

Wes and Jack met in 1983 in a bar in West Hollywood, California.  Wes was an L.A. native, while Jack had moved there from Chicago after grad school -  first landing in Hollywood before settling into a studio in Pasadena. 
After a couple of years together in North Hollywood they moved to Boulder. Wes attended grad school in creative writing at CU, while Jack continued a coast-to-coast truck-driving job as an art shipper.
It was during the mid- to late-1980s that Wes began making constructions and painting. After several group shows in the Denver/Boulder area, Wes and Jack were offered their first joint solo exhibition at Robischon Gallery in 1991.
During the early to mid-1990s, both taught expository writing at CU, and later, Jack began teaching art at universities nationwide,  as a visiting artist .
Today, Wes and Jack continue to work out of their studios just north of Denver as well as in Tucson. They are represented locally by Robischon Gallery.

Louis Recchia and Zoa Ace
Just east of the Mississippi River, campus radicals ranted at microphones, cops raided rallies, and young Louis and Zoa met when a flower had power in 1969. Art professors at Western Illinois University partied long and hard with their students.  Surrealism overtook Realism as cheap wine dissolved orange sunshine, and paintings were analyzed through rose-colored eyes. The Love of Art bonded the couple's developing friendship.
Wedding vows were eventually exchanged at the home of the bride in Rockford, IL on January 9th, 1972.  A snowy road trip followed as their faded van carried them westward to Boulder, breaking down only once or twice on the way. Changes in the Fall of '72 landed them in Wounded Knee, S.D. among the Lakota Sioux.  Louis and Zoa lived on the Pine Ridge reservation in a log cabin like pioneers.  They hauled water and chopped wood.  There was a spectacular view of the beautiful bluffs from the outhouse.  It had two seats and no door. This period is a story in itself--a historical time when the landscape changed from coyotes and pinto ponies to FBI helicopters and guns. Confined to their cabin, Zoa worked on handmade quilts and Louis painted in oil by the light of kerosene lamps.

A year later they returned to Boulder and focused on creating art.  Stacks of art books, foreign films, and frequent visits to Chicago galleries were their inspiration.  Over wild years fueled by passion, connections were made and work was displayed in many venues across the country and in Europe. Now in 2010 they are still painting.  Their son and daughter (born in 1985 and 1988) are grown. Louis and Zoa love having art and each other at their core, and conclude it's a satisfying, but unpredictable way to live.
Louis and Zoa both show locally at Zip 37 gallery. Louis is also at Pirate: Contemporary Art.

Sushe and Tracy Felix
Tracy and Sushe met in a high school art class in 1974 in Colorado Springs. Although they weren't exactly high school sweethearts, the pair developed a great friendship that lasted through the years after Sushe went away to college.
In 1983, Sushe moved back to Colorado Springs and began dating Tracy. After a year, the couple decided to marry, and wound up eloping in 1984. The same week they were married, the couple opened a contemporary art gallery in Manitou Springs. It was a time of new adventures. That experience taught them both a great deal about the business side of art, and helped cement their path in the art world.
Today, Tracy and Sushe are both full time artists, painting together in their beautiful home studio in Lakewood. They are represented by William Havu Gallery.

Tyler Aiello and Monica Petty Aiello
In 1997, Tyler Aiello, a Denver native, met Monica Petty, a 26-year old Texan who was working in New York's thriving music industry. Monica had grown up in a family of mathematicians and scientists, her first love being astronomy. She studied fashion design in college, then landed a job in New York at BMG Entertainment. Monica didn't begin focusing on her own visual art until 1996, and when BMG bought three of her early paintings for their corporate collection, she was ready to make the shift to pursue her own career as an artist.
Enter Tyler, 30, who convinced her to leave New York and come to Denver to develop her artistic career. Tyler, had grown up in a family of designers and architects. He went to LA to study architecture and design and wound up with a degree in Sculpture with an emphasis on casting. After spending many successful years in the LA and San Francisco areas, Tyler moved back to Denver in 1995.
The new millennium found Monica and Tyler both in Denver, married, and committed to being an active presence in the Denver art scene. The couple renovated a dilapidated warehouse in the now popular RiNo Art District with a dream of developing a full-functioning art center. In 2002, they opened the contemporary gallery, Studio Aiello, which quickly gained award-winning acclaim as one of the most innovative spaces in the region. As their careers as artists began expanding on a national scale, the pair closed the gallery a few years later to focus on their individual artistic projects and their children. In 2003 they renovated and opened a second large warehouse, the TarFactory, adjacent to the gallery, which still functions as a sculpture and fabrication facility for area working artists today.
Monica and Tyler are represented by Space Gallery.
Other Invited Artists:
Aritsts Juried into the Show
by Reed Weimer and Chandler Romeo:
jeff BALL
suzanne BATES
susan BELL
sharon BROWN
lori CARR
benjamin COLEMAN
timothy c. FLOOD
michael KEEN
william LOWREY
theresa LUGO
stephanie McCANDLESS
meg voight MEERSMAN
julie PUMA
ken and tina RIESTERER
mark SINK
nancy SLYTER
korey SMITH
marie VLASIC
laurie WAALKES
Dream Date with Phil Bender We have a winner!

Phil Bender

Photo: Jeff Ball Photography

Mr. Bender's Stylist: Mona Lucero

Love often begins with a single outing. A special evening together. A "Dream Date."

And so it is with The Love Show. Before it really begins, we wanted to find that "special someone." I wracked my brain to come up with the Art Community's most desirable bachelor, the sexiest, most attractive, most loving, most universally beloved man in Denver's Art Scene.

Of course, that man is Phil Bender.

An icon of the Denver Art Scene, Phil is a founder and defacto leader of Pirate: Contemporary Art. His work is in major collections, including the Denver Art Museum. We all know that Phil Bender is one of Denver's leading artists and most beloved characters. Here's your chance to get to know the Man underneath the legend!

The Dream Date: Friday, February 12, 2010

6:00 pm - Phil will pick you up in his exotic vintage sports car and whisk you away to the Navajo Art District.

6:30 pm - You and Phil will be treated to dinner at Patsy's Italian restaurant, and you'll visit the galleries at 38th and Navajo.

8:00 pm - You'll transfer into a limo, and proceed to CORE New Art Space

8:30 pm - Limo delivers you to the Opening Reception for The Love Show, where you dodge paparazzi and sneer at all the jealous women.

9:00 pm - You are treated to a free photo session at the PDA Photo Booth, in Anthony Camera' studio, to commemorate your Dream Date.



Tune in LIVE Wednesday Feb. 10th, 8pm (announcement at 9pm)

or download and listen anytime at .

Special Thanks to:
Jeff Ball Photography


Mr. Bender's stylist: Mona Lucero

Mona Lucero Design Boutique